“Love, loss, celebration, hope.” – THANK YOU From Shoe Fest 2015

Photo Credit: ReverbSoul

Photo Credit: ReverbSoul

Spending 3 whole days and nights with you folks is the realest and most rewarding experience we have in this world of music and community. It’s all there… love, loss, celebration, hope.

We had many many interesting conversations this weekend, but the one theme that kept coming around, the one thing we must mention is this – Shoe Fest is all about heart. We walk with our hearts out in front of us, and we put our arms around each other, and we remind ourselves of what’s good and what we value most…. friendship and family.

For 5 years, everyone has come together to push all of the good things forward, and we thank you. We can’t wait to see you next year, and we can’t wait to walk with our hearts out in front of us, pushing the good things forward, together.

We all do this together. Thank you so much.

We love you. Happy Shoe Fest, folks!


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