These may be some questions that you continue to ask yourself, or continue to email us about. Take a look here before shooting an email over. If you really can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to!

What time (and date) do gates open?
Gates open Friday morning of the festival at 10:00 AM CST. We will keep the Box Office open until midnight on Friday, then again from 8am-midnight on Saturday and 8am-9pm on Sunday.




We will not be allowing anyone with GA or other tickets on the grounds before the gates open, and you will not be able to enter the grounds after the Box Office closes on Sunday evening.

Can we enter Thursday night, before the gates open?

Nope. Only staff is allowed on the grounds prior to 10:00 AM CST on the Friday of the Festival.

If you arrive Thursday, you will be asked to stay in your vehicle outside of the festival grounds until the morning. There are nearby campgrounds if you’d like to come out early and camp down the road.

What Parking options are available?
You must park in the lot and carry your camping items in. It’s a very short walk up top, a little longer to go down the stairs if you’d like to camp across the bridge. We encourage you to carpool! All parking passes will be $10.
I'm going to be camping - how does it work?


As mentioned, you’ll park in the lot. You’ll then carry your gear in and set up camp in any of the designated camping areas (noted on maps and signage).

Don’t worry – there’s plenty of camping room for everyone!

I've got an RV - anything I should know?
If you purchased an RV ticket in advance, bring it to the gate and we’ll get you all set up. Spaces are 40′ in length by 16′ wide. All RV spot sales are one per person (so one person can not purchase 2 RV passes). Spots are assigned first come, first serve when you arrive on site.


If you have not purchased an RV ticket in advance, be aware that we can not guarantee available RV spots on the festival grounds. If you show up and we do not have space, we will have you ask you take your RV elsewhere.

And remember, you must also have a 3 Day Pass, Sat/Sun Pass, Sunday Only pass or Volunteer Pass in conjunction with your RV ticket to enter the festival grounds!

Camp Shaw's Cabins - tell me more?
Do you have, or are you interested in, a Cabin Reservation? Check out this page.

And don’t forget, each member of any party staying in cabin MUST also have a 3 Day Pass, Sat/Sun Pass, Sunday Only pass or Volunteer Pass!

Is There Any Accessibility Info?

Camp Shaw does have permanent restrooms with accessible stalls available. While the Pavilion Stage is down a flight of stairs and across a bridge, there is a back way to the stage along a dirt path.

If you need assistance, you can feel free to ask any staff member. And if you have further questions, please email us at

Can I bring my dog to Shoe Fest?

We all love dogs, but let’s remember this IS still a music festival. If it is not safe for your best friend, or for the patrons enjoying the festival to be around your best friend, please do not bring him/her. If you absolutely must bring your dog, and you 100% know that it is a safe situation, you may purchase a Dog Pass when you arrive on site. You must keep this pass on you at all times, and if security asks, you must show it. If at any time Shoe Fest or Camp Shaw staff feel anyone’s safety is in question, we reserve the right to ask you and your animal to leave the park.

All dogs will be required to have proper identification and tags on at all times, and owners must be able to provide proof of shots and registration prior to entering the festival. Without this information, your pups will not be allowed into the fest, for the safety of everyone.

Will there be beer or other adult beverages available?

Our good friends at Bent River Brewery provide two bars (one by each stage) with the most delicious beer.

If you’d rather bring your own beverages, beer and wine are allowed, however hard liquor is not allowed at Camp Shaw Waw Nas See.

Keep in mind there are no glass bottles allowed, and we will search vehicles. Please bring cans and PLEASE make sure to recycle!

Fire Pits - YAY or NAY?

Camp Shaw has a large designated fire pit in ‘the bowl’ that Shoe Fest attendees may use.

No other fires will be permitted. 

Will there be bathrooms? What about showers?
YES! In addition to Camp Shaw’s permanent structures, there will be plenty of port-a-potties.




Each permanent men’s and women’s bathroom at Camp Shaw has 3 public shower stalls. They are 1st come, 1st serve… please be respectful of one another’s privacy!

Showers and bathroom stalls will be cleaned daily, but please keep them as clean as possible for the next person to use.

All shower and bathroom houses are open between 6am and midnight daily, however they will be periodically closed for short stints each day while they are getting cleaned for your convenience.

Are there any other rules I should know about?

General Shoe Fest Rules – follow these for a good time!

  • No glass allowed (all vehicles WILL be searched at entry)!
  • No illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks!
  • No bad attitudes!
  • No open fires (designated fire pits are allowed)!
  • No unauthorized vending!
  • No underage drinking!
  • The creek is off limits after dark – we will enforce this!
  • Keep Camp Shaw clean, this means be responsible for yourself!
Can I Volunteer At Shoe Fest?

Yes! Visit our volunteer page!

How can I get approval to vend?
Contact with all your info!
When I lose something...where might I find it?
Start with the Trading Post! Throughout the weekend, we’ll allow Lost and Found to collect here. At the end of the weekend (as U2 says) if you still have not found what you’re looking for, email us at with a description of what you’ve lost and we’ll let you know if it’s been found. BUT! If you don’t lose anything, we won’t need to find it :-)

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